Located in Northern Alabama, Mosby & Finch LLC is a licensed dealer in firearms, optics, accessories, and ammunition.

Mosby & Finch LLC is a first responder owned small business. As such, we operate by appointment only. We are open to the general public and sportsmen alike, but Mosby & Finch LLC is most proud to support fellow first responders, members of the armed services, and other public servants.
  Mosby & Finch LLC offers competetive discounts to those dedicated to serving others. We are proud to offer discounts to Law Enforcement Officers (active duty and retired), members of the armed services (active duty, retired, and reserve), Firefighters (volunteer and career), Emergency Medical Technicains and Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses, Attorneys, Judges, Correction Officers, Probation and Parole Officers, Licensed Security Guards, and Essential Workers.   We ship throughout the United States to your friendly neighborhood Federal Firearms Licensee. Contact us today to see what we can offer on the purchase of your next firearm, optic, or related accessories.