Located in Northern Alabama, Mosby & Finch LLC is a licensed dealer in firearms, optics, accessories, and ammunition. As we are a small business we operate by appointment only. We serve sportsmen and the general public, Mosby & Finch LLC is also a proud supporter of first responders, members of the armed services, and other public servants. We offer competetive discounts to those dedicated to serving others. We also ship throughout the United States.

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We are proud to offer discounts to the following individuals:
 – Law Enforcement Officers (Active/Retired)
 – Members of the Armed Services (Active Duty/Retired/Reserve)
 – Firefighters (Volunteer/Career)
 – Emergency Medical Technicains/Paramedics
 – Doctors/Nurses
 – Attorneys
 – Judges
 – Correction Officers
 – Probation/Parole Officers
 – Licensed Security Guards
By Appointment Only
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